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“The old rascal”, the real Jianghu rule” in our hearts

2016-01-16 17:35 | writer: admin

  With the hot showing of “The old rascal”, the “rule, Jianghu, justice” that we had been forgotten for a long time now becom hot topic in the mass media once again. Of course, “The old rascal” becomes our Xinxiang Yulong Textile Co. Ltd new culture week topic.
  On the afternoon of 14th, 1, 2016 , our company officials watched the “The old rascal” together, the hero Zhang Xuejun’s Jianghu and his rule touched all of us, Another people in movie Xiaofei, he known Jianghu just from what he saw and thought in novel, but Zhang Xuejun’s Jianghu is real, exsit in his heart, it is his experience and still in it.
  The Jianghu tule in moive likes the promise of our Xinxiang Yulong Textile Co. Ltd to the clients, we promised safety, health and convenience, we always keep our promise, it is our responsibility and assumption. They are not printed on paper or slogan, already keep in our hearts. I offen hear the old master’s words to the newcomer “earnest is responsible for clients”when I was new to the corporation, when working in the production process, if we leave out some steps for convenience,they will say “strict operation process, quality is our duty to our clients”, We advised them to have a rest once they work overtime they will answerus “it’s ok, not too tired, as long as the clients can get the goods and satisfy our product, we will be very happy.”
  They are our old masters, they work according to themselves’ rule, sometimes looks staff, but they keep their promises to the clients,their rules affect each of us, the real rule is in our hearts.

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