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The Warm In This Winter Send By The Elaborate Workwear

2016-01-23 14:07 | writer: admin

  Under the influence of Nino phenomenon,the weather this winter changed a lot.So,it is very important for the worker who worked outside usually to choose a suitable work wear.A good flame retardant protective clothing not only should have a excellent flame resistant performance, but also have a suitable cutting for the human body.
In order to achieve the best standard, First of all,we will choose the fabric that have good abrasion resistance and laceration resistant performance. Any flame retardant work wear maybe encounter the situation such as wearing/hooking ,in such situation, only by choosing fabrics that have good abrasion resistance and laceration resistant performance can ensure a longer service time.
  In winter, a worker will emit a large quantity of heat,therefore, how to keep balance of temperature and humidity in the clothing is also the significant factor we will consider when choosing fabrics. After using nano-material technology, the flame resistant fabric , made by Xinxiang Yulong Textile company, not only have fire&water proof function, but also have good permeability, so that the fabrics like that can keep dry degree in our body by send out the needless heat in time when work. Without doubt , we will also carefully select the Natural soft with high degrees of cotton fabrics as the clothing lining to allow you feel more comfortable.
  Secondly, in terms of accessory, the products with FR ,like flame-retardant zipper,flame-retardant cotton filling, fire-retardant yarn on emboridery label ,are our firm choice.These things, though small, will provide more security for you in case of accident. your safety is our duty,this is our sincere promise to every customer.
At last, we also try to do the best in clothing set version. The popular work wears,such as FR overall,anti-static jacket,water-proof bib pants,100%cotton FR shirt, are designed and cut out by professional plate-making staff carefully. Only  after a series of operations ,like doing experiment, modifying, finalizing, doing customer callback plan, re-modifying, etc. can the most suitable work wears be published. In hence, In addition to having exquisite workmanship, the work wears we made also ensure that each worker can move freely and improve the comfort level.
  Such a selected and careful produced FR work wear has no doubt to make sure that your comfortable and safety.

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