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The trend prediction of Spring/Summer workwear of 2016

2016-01-29 10:41 | writer: admin

  In Jan of 2016, Milan fashion week has been begun, with GUCCI、DOLCE&GABBANA、Bottega Veneta etc. international brand launched their new products, we have our own definition for the popular trend of Spring/Summer collection of 2016. Now let’s follow to Yulong Textile to predict the popular trend of workwear of 2016.
1.The popular fabric for workwear.
① 20S×16S 100% cotton flame retardant fabric
This fabric adopts high quality combed cotton, soft hand feeling and smooth, after improved by Yulong Textile, the color and lustre can be comparable with polyester fabric. The fabric can be self-extinguished when the fire left, and no molting drops. Besides, the formaldehyde content of the fabric can be processed lower (the Min.as low as 50PPM.) according to the client’s request, it’s the good choice for metal industry, welding industry, electric power and chemical industry.
② Cotton nylon blended flame retardant fabric
Electric Arc is caused by the body near to the high voltage, but not contact, and caused by the body interaction. It can have high temperature of 29400 degrees Celsius, is roughly four times of the sun's surface temperature, causing intense gas explosion and electrical burns. The C/N flame retardant arc proof fabric we produced adopt C/N yarn, treated proban FR finishing, its ATPV value can up to the requirements of ASTM F1506 12 cal/cm2, its flame retardant function can meet EN11611, EN11612, EN61482 international standards. When the fabric contact with arc flame or heat, internal yarn will automatically expansion, thus make the fabric thickness and high density, forming a protective barrier to the human body. So the fabric is the ideal choice of welding, smelting, machinery manufacturing, electric power industries.
③ Antistatic fabric
This fabric adopts T/C 21S×21S, weave the antistatic fiber into the weft direction, then process shrinking, dyeing. The fabric has soft hand feeling and easy to wash, mainly used in oil and gas industry, oil tanker and gas station etc. inflammable and explosive occasions.
2. The hot design of workwear
  The temperature of Spring and summer is high, so the workwear with simple design is the hot-sale products.
① The basic design of Jacket
During the world war the American Leslie Irvin designed and named the first aviator jacket, this jacket was adopted by American Air Force and as military equipment since then. Its wrist and waist use knitted fabric, can make us freedom action.
② Pants
The pants looks simple and clumsy, but its loose design  can keep us freedom action, usually there is small tool pocket at the side of trousers, in order to meet the requirements, we can add elastic band at the bottom of trousers.
    The aboves all be sold in Yulong Textile, We specialized in special fabric production more than ten years, what you think is what we do, your demand is our development power, meet your requirements is our goal, Yulong Textile hope to cooperate with you.

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