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Have you go “snow diving” this winter?

2016-01-29 10:39 | writer: admin

  From Jan 22,there is a big winter storm named “Jonas”assault middle east of US with heavy snow ,the snowfall of New York central park reached 26.8 inch thickness,the car accident caused by the snowstorm have reach 312 times ,this is the second heavy snow storm since 1869 there is weather record .After “Jonas”swept over east coast of US,the snow in this area is almost reach the height of human waist,many people use skiing tools when they come out ,which used only in vocation before .In order to not disappoint this snow storm ,many US local people wear swimwear and safety googles,and jump into snow drift ,creat “snow diving” sport ,which is very lovely.We can even saw there extend edition in youtobe—“fancy snow diving”.
  Playing in the snow is the essential outdoor sports in winter ,but during playing in the snow ,we should pay attention to keep warm . Xinxiang yulong textile specially recommend a good tools to keep warm – flame retardant winter jacket . This is a kind of classic winter jacket ,what we select is high quality cotton /nylon  fireproof fabric ,this fabric have good quality of windproof ,and the filling also have flame retardant propriety .This jacket use 3M flame retardant zipper ,in the front ,there is snap button closed the flap ,this will prevent cold wind enter into human body through the gap of jacket ; In the elbow side ,there is drape elbow ,and elastic shoulder ,which can make sure the activity of human limbs to the big limit .The FR roman tam fabric used in bodice and armhole is very soft and very fit to human body ,it is more suitable for body curve ,and guarantee the leakproofness  of jacket .
  The winter FR workwear we produce include coverall ,jacket and pants ,bib pants ,shirt ,suit ect .At the beginning of the design ,we will add elements of classic fashion ,this makes you even in winter wear very thick workwear ,but still look handsome . What do you wait now ?welcome to contact us !

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