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New Year New atmosphere

2016-02-21 16:54 | writer: admin

  At the beginning of New Year, after the lunar New Year holiday’s break, we each employee got great relaxation of body and mind. Eighth day in lunar calendar, the festival atmosphere is strong, we took a new expectation and passion to put into the work this year. The number "8" in China represent the auspicious, rich and prosperous, choose starts on this day also suggests that our company will be more prosperous, the smooth in the future.
  In the morning to see every staff's face is showing a reunited triumph, everybody is talking about anecdote during Chinese New Year. in the workshop, the production of the machine cover has been disclosed by debugging, they are adjust and maintain on every machine before production, Clothing shop they have came to his own work, carefully clean up “the old buddy” who is work with them shoulder by shoulder. The whole factory is showing hot scenery where affecting every one of us. Each job is running regularly, here we be full of desire & chance & and challenge in 2016 year, Yulong will give you more good quality service!
  Thanks for new and old customers to our xinxiang yulong textile co., LTD. with the support and trust! In the New Year Yulong everybody wish you: all wishes come true and all goes well with you!

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