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Alibaba Assurance

2015-02-10 08:48 | writer: admin

What is the Trade Assurance service?

Based on a participating supplier’s qualification status and its transaction volume in the past 6 months, Alibaba.com will grant the supplier a Trade Assurance Amount, which is an amount designated to protect buyers’ payments and ensure order quality and on-time delivery.

100% refund of the Trade Assurance Amount for orders not meeting agreed delivery and quality terms contained in the contract. It is a free service for both buyers and suppliers. 


1. Find participating suppliers & products displaying this icon 

a. These suppliers agree to trade under the Alibaba.com Trade Assurance Service Rules.

b. Based on the suppliers' qualifications and verified trade history, they are assigned a Trade Assurance Amount by Alibaba.com and/or its affiliated companies.

c. The buyer must negotiate an agreed initial payment amount (deposit) with the supplier which should be covered up to the supplier's available Trade Assurance Amount.

d. IMPORTANT NOTE: You will only be protected up to the Trade Assurance Amount as stated and agreed on the purchase order. The supplier's Trade Assurance Amount may be less than the deposit that you agree to pay to the supplier.


2. Negotiate the price and finalize the details

a. When you find a product you are interested in, contact the supplier by sending an inquiry or initiating a conversation via TradeManager.

b. Negotiate terms, including desired shipping date, detailed product quality requirements and price.

3. Place order

a.Submit a purchase order request to the supplier via Alibaba.com, and contact the supplier to draft the purchase order for you to confirm. After your confirmation, the supplier must then also confirm the purchase order. This means that the supplier accepts all the terms stated in the purchase order.

b. It is important that you specify a desired shipping date, agreed product quality requirements and take note of the agreed Trade Assurance Amount on your purchase order.

c. The purchase order will be executed and carried out and will also be used by Alibaba.com as the basis for making any determination on any dispute between buyer and supplier that arises from it.


4. Arrange payment terms

a. Your initial payment (deposit) should ideally be equal to the Trade Assurance Amount in the contract.

b. Follow the payment instructions to make payment to the supplier’s bank account, which has been designated by Alibaba.com.


5. Supplier fulfills the purchase order

a. Once the agreed deposit payment is received, the supplier will start fulfilling your order.

b. It is strongly recommended that you undertake monitoring measures to ensure product quality during production.

c. Your order should be processed and be prepared for shipment as per your purchase order.


d. If you find the quality does not match the agreed quality requirements contained in the contract before shipment, or your order is not shipped on time, submit a claim for online negotiation immediately. The supplier then needs to respond with a resolution acceptable to you. If you are unable to resolve the issue with your supplier, you may file a request for Alibaba.com to make a determination on your dispute and subject to Alibaba.com’s final determination/decision, your transaction will be protected by Trade Assurance.

6. You receive your order

7. You leave online feedback about your experience

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