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Xinxiang Yulong Textile Held The First Session of Corporate

2015-02-12 16:11 | writer: admin

When the new year, we Xinxiang Yulong Textile Co., Ltd. all the staff of the organization held a brilliant enterprise culture competition. The game both players from the Yulong marketing department and production department.

The game first by gestures guess for warm-up match began, followed by shear pattern; secondly, entered a formal answer link, out of the range includes Yulong company culture and the classification of cultural, recreational problem. In every aspect, Yulong marketing leading the way, eventually won an overwhelming victory.

This is our Xinxiang Yulong Textile Co., Ltd held the first enterprise culture competition, but also very successful session, passed between the game in our departments have more harmonious exchanges, with more pleasant working atmosphere; through this event we on the corporate culture and a deeper understanding of the spirit of enterprise, -- loyalty, responsibility, learning, innovation, positive, active, unity, Thanksgiving has further experience, to have a deeper understanding of the responsibility of enterprises, the development of enterprises, the competition of the enterprise culture concept, learning culture, cultural change and so on, have a more complete understanding of the company.

In this game we will constantly, we Yulong marketing department will make persistent efforts, and Yulong production department also will continue to work hard, strive for the next victory! In fact, winning is not the objective, our real purpose is to let everybody can be in a harmonious working environment full of joy and happy to complete each work, increase the number of small transfers in the normal work of the tension, let everybody can be more happy, so that work efficiency will be higher.

Through our continuous improvement, continuous efforts, I believe we Yulong will strive for further improvement in the new year, work easier, we will be on the upgrade of the Yulong company development, enterprise development goals will achieve faster! Let us work together to continue forward, toward the target!

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