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Do you really understand the second layer of your “skin” ?

2016-02-27 14:25 | writer: admin

  Yes, you are right. It is “99%” that everyone are to be wrapped by fabrics since birth. You may be surprised when just saw this news and have questions on it. Someone may eventually burst into contempt complained:”Are you kidding me? How could?” However, please recall your memory carefully, for example, the newly born babies will be put in the swaddling clothes; you will wear the business wear when you are at work; you will wear the sportswear when you are doing sports and you will wear the pajamas when sleeping. Then you may disagree me and said:”No, I used to sleep naked.”Oh, well. But can you guarantee that you do not use the quilt or blanket? The answer is definitely no. Actually, the clothing and fabrics are always contact with our skin closely. So we say it the second layer of “skin”. But most of us rarely pay attention to it. Well, now let us look at is and do we really understand it?
  No, you do not understand it. Now, take the jeans as example, as we all know, the jeans fabric is very popular and wild and it can show different styles by using different denim fabric product. However, due to the artificial sand blasting process for jeans making, the workers may die of silicosis. And also in order to reduce the cost and production time, some manufacturer may reduce the washing times, thus a large number of chemical residual on the fabric. Now, do you still think the jeans is beautiful? I think you will be panic. But it is no need to worry so much as long as we choose the correct products.
  The denim fabric which were produced by Xinxiang Yulong Textile Co., Ltd is trustworthy and reliable.Yulong implemented the green and eco-friendly production model and the factory was equipped with the most advanced environmental fabric production machines.;Every production process have passed the environmental testing to ensure the health of workers. The flame retardant jeans fabric made by Yulong was made of combed cotton blend fabric, it feels very comfortable and has good wear resistance. The washable time of the permanent flame retardant fabric produced by Yulong can reach up to 100 times and the minimum value of the formaldehyde can reach up to 50PPM. The fabric is non-toxic,odourless and no stimulation. The characters of soft touch and air and moisture permeability make the fabric be qualified to be the second layer skin.
  Please come to Xinxiang Yulong Textile Co., Ltd if you want to dress stylish and healthy. 24-Hours hotline for your service. Always welcome your inquiry.

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