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Enthusiasm create future

2016-03-05 15:23 | writer: admin

  Now it’s March, the spring breeze kiss the face, everywhere full of vitality, our working enthusiasm is also gradually increase follow to  the temperature go up. In China there is sentence that “A year's plan starts with spring”, the meaning is Spring represent the start of a year, in this season we need work out the target and plan of the whole year to inspire us make a great improve.
  Xinxiang Yulong Textile Co., Ltd. Is no exception, in order to inspire the fighting sprit, we decide to carry out a self-improvement activity that called “Enthusiasm three months”. From control center to production line, from office building to production plant, the whole factory is full of the enthusiasm. The workers of workshop, production department, technical department and maintaining department make a big group and set “ Two heads are always better then one.” as their activity slogan, every department every week take turns to do the lecturer to share their own experience to others, also discuss the problems they met, supply each other’s needs, so as to achieve the final aim of “ improve production process, improve the quality of products”. The export department and after sale department together analyze all clients’ feedbacks and information, in order to supply better service to clients, let the clients have a feeling as well as at home.
  In 2016, we invite you to witness our growth and progress.

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