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Readme from a piece of bib pant

2016-03-05 15:26 | writer: admin

  Hi, everyone. I am a piece of bib pant, people called me “pant” before. Since I meet the new modeling team, people call me “new •bib pant”, from which you can see my change. 
  As for we bib pants, it should go back to the industrial revolution. The industrial revolution spread all over the world, the British make us first and we’re popular among western countries workers. So that period was we bib pants’ golden times. Then a well known American Lee(the founder of Lee) combine the jean fabric with we bib pants. The practicability of ourselves and charming of jean fabric make denim overalls very fashion, which is our another peakedness. But from when we have not do any change, maybe that is why the passion of people to us is more and more cold. However, we ushered a new peak now, because a professional special protective fabric and workwear manufacture Xinxiang Yulong textile decide to cooperate with us and upgrade us. Hey, look me, I am not the single color, simple design common bib pant. The fabric of tool pocket on chest, slant pocket and padding knee are the wearproof fabric, which is selected after many times test. The fabric of whole main body is safe and environmental 100% cotton flame retardant fabric, which is the star products of their company. The 3M reflective tape on the tool pocket and bellow the knee is delicacy, isn’t it? What’s more, the color is customized, because the team have their own fabric manufacture plant. It is very cool, isn’t it? In a word, all the people are very like us and tell you a secret: we’ll back to our fashion field soon. Do you want mate me? Please contact my assistants. Do you want to know who are they? I’ll let you know next time. 
  Tel: +86-373-3070977  +86-373-3037877 e-mail:inquity@fireproofworkwear.com

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