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Celebrate “Goddess”Festival

2016-03-12 19:03 | writer: admin

  March 8 2016 is “United Nations women's rights and international peace day”,is also called "Goddess" Festival by modern Chinese,this day in different region or different country,the focus of the celebration is also different,from the common celebration of respect for women,showing their love for women to celebrate female achievements in economic, political, and social field.Every country will integrate this holiday with their country's culture,Stretch out all kinds of celebration.Culture in China is the integration of multi-ethnic culture, for us song and dance is the best way to celebrate the holiday.
  See our companion enjoy themselves in this celebration, sing pop songs is easy for many young people, but do you know, our partners singing the Chinese traditional opera is very good.Flower Drum Song from Hunan Province-Liu Hai Kan Qiao,the voice of cross-gender girl is sonorous,voice of the other girl is mildly gentle;Yu Opera-Hua Mu Lan,completely deduce imposing manner of “women are no inferior to men”;Singing and dancing of exotic style “Tian Zhu Shao Nv”do not lose to professional actors.
  In this holiday which belongs to our girls, let us praise for all goddess in the company,their feminine unique exquisite ensures the gold medal quality of our products,they do not lose in men's perseverance and explosive force and guarantee our production speed, We are now inseparable from the achievements of their efforts, on the road to the future development of the company with their company is our lucky.

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