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Your honesty partner

2016-03-19 09:16 | writer: admin

  In 1983, the IOCU fix the Mar. 15 of every year as the “international consumer right day”, aim at promoting the cooperation and contact of various countries and area and protect the consumer’s right at the international level by enlarge the advertise of protecting the right of consumer. 
  The development of technology should take the convenience to our life, but some of the merchant make use of the leak of the technology and produce the counterfeit and shoddy products, which can mix the false with the genuine. What can we understand the pain of the disfigure beauties who disfigure because of using the counterfeit cosmetics; there are many toxication, blind and dead cases because of eating sordid food ; the beautiful and handsome new clothes can highlight our individuality, but the residual chemicals and malignant bacteria breed from from the wicked production, stocking environment on the clothes can go directly into the human body and cause refractory skin disease. Who can feel this kind of suffering?
  “be practical and realistic, customer first” is the management idea of Xinxiang Yulong Textile Co., ltd. In our production plant, it is essential to disinfect on time. Every production period, our machine maintenance workers will finish and clean the machine to ensure the whole production is perfect proceed in the clean and sterile environment. The raw materials we used is the green environmental materials affirmed by the environmental protection administration. The “get rid of formaldehyde process” after we improve can reduce the formaldehyde value to less than 50PPM. It is our aim to provide the green products to our customer and be your honesty partner is what we must do.
  Join hands with Yulong and create the safe, health, sincerely cooperate environment. 

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