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Speak with the reality

2016-03-25 14:32 | writer: admin

  "The ear for the virtual, seeing is believing " we all heard the saying, it is expressed by theme is the image we see with our eyes tend to be more persuasive than we hear with our ears.
  Xinxiang yulong textile co., LTD. Testing center, equipped with the most perfect, the most advanced testing equipment, our quality inspection personnel is hired to the industry with rich experience of special fabric inspection .What they do is to provide data support for our products, let our customers seeing the believing.
  As we all know, doing the experiment not only need profound specialized knowledge, need more patience and careful, "being strict " this can be said to be the test center of cautionary constant, how much the chemical fertilizer drip into, the tempo of the experiment will affect the product data which is  accurate or not. And do test experiment is a very time consuming, a complete detection process, 5, 6 hours at least, at most requires three to four days, this often disrupts our routine qc inspector. But they always make full use of the equipment and time, reasonable arrange everything. When they need to use oven, can use experiment in the oven in the time and  to do other don't need to oven test at the same time, for example: strong, defects, such as wear-resisting experiments. Use their data to talk with detected results prove to clients that have absolutely superior quality of our products.
  Our inspector is like a sponge, they will continue to learn from the outside world,  which absorbed perfect knowledge is applied to daily work, their desire for the knowledge degree more than all of us. They seek growth in steady, one step at a time, down-to-earth attentively complete each matter.

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