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Pakistan suffer the terrorist attack on Easter Pray for the deceased

2016-04-07 08:44 | writer: admin

  As we all known, the easter is in order to celebrate the resurgence and go up to heaven of Jesus after he dead three days. The first Sunday after vernal equinox full noon every year is Easter, so the easter have another symbol that is hope and rebirth, which is like the feel of spring.
  In this year Pakistan’s Easter is on Mar. 27th in local time. On the evening of that day, in one park of east Pakistan, people get together to celebrate, most of them are ladies, children and many small cooked food retailer. The delicious food make the the festival more lively and warm. But at this time the tragedy happened, the terrorists take with the bomb enter into the crowd to make the suicide terrorist attack. Until Mar. 29th (Beijing time ), the attack have cause about 300 people injured, 72 people dead. The children get scared and scream. The bereft people utter a stifled cry of agony, the bomb scene is terrible.
  As peaceful people what we can do is feel sorry about the victim of this accident. Let’s pray for them and hope they can continue the happy in an other world without war.

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