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The low-key magician

2016-04-07 08:44 | writer: admin

  The magician always bring us the unimaginable and marvelous visually show. They can make full use of everything around us and lead people into a sensory world unconsciously which is beyond our imagination, the viewers’ surprises and expectations are the greatest rewards to the magician. Let me whisper you a secret, there is a group of people hidden around me, they have no gorgeous costumes like the magician and no fancy and cool stage effect. You can never know these people if I do not tell you.
  When we come to factory in the morning, we will see a group of people who are doing preparation for a new day work in the clothing sample making workshop. Yes, you are right, these are the low-key magician, the sample workshop is their stage. As we all know, the textile fabric and garments were connected closely with each other. The clothing can achieve the desired design effect when we choose the correct fabric, otherwise not. A beautiful/delicate and practical workwear just like a building, the textile fabric just like the bricks for the building. The designers will design different style clothing per the properties of different fabric. So as a professional designer, the basic requirement is familiar with and master all fabrics’ properties and characteristics.
  Xinxiang Yulong Textile Co., Ltd has more than ten years experience in the production of safety protective fabrics. We have hundreds type of basic fabircs , so you can imagine there will be how many types fabrics can be developed based on these basic fabrics. Our designers are very familiar with every fabrics, I am sure they can explain the fabric very detailedly no matter what type you point out. We call them “mobile database”. By combining the customers’ requirements with the fabric characteristic, our designers can always design and make the classic and practical safety protective workwear
  They won not only the bigger and broader market, but also won the favor of domestic and foreign partners. Please give our low-key magician thumbs up.

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