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Don't Forget Original Meaning, Then Get The Good Results

2016-04-19 09:17 | writer: admin

International economic turmoil in the market and the overall transformation of the traditional factory, many enterprise have been brought the unprecedented pressure. And saving/innovation are to help the enterprises out of the dilemma for help.
Xinxiang yulong textile co., LTD., as the earliest north senior enterprise engaged in the production of special textiles, we always adhere to the "don't forget to beginner's mind, party always" principle of doing things, while to cater to the wave of reform and innovation of economy at the same time.
We use most high grade woven yarn fabrics, we use the most environmentally friendly dyed custom color which customers really need , when we give the fabric function, using the most advanced processing technology to meet different needs more fit for customer’s need. We talk about saving, but on selecting product material we strive for perfection, we save from production process. The master of the production workshop in the division who every day thinking about how to save production time through technology innovation, how to improve the production machines made to maximize the use of means of production. "For customer service, provide the best products" is our original meaning, "get guest ‘s satisfaction, recognized by partners" is the results we want.
"Don’t forget original meaning, then get the good results" is Yulong’s working core we insisted, We put others protective security as own duty, continue to improve products, improve quality. Please believe that choose yulong is equal to choose the safety.

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