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Environmental Protection Expert Canvas of Yulong

2016-04-21 08:16 | writer: admin

Hey,look here,yes,it is me,don’t feel surprised, I am a fabric can talk. This is common scene in stock of Xinxiang Yulong Textile Co.,Ltd, because each thing produced by heart is of soul,look at me, you will know.
I am canvas,I was made of natural cotton material, so a lot of friends like call me environmental protection expert. Maybe you will ask me why my name is canvas. I was made by many strands of yarns,so i have closed thick appearance, good wear resistance and substantial texture,this character conquered the Nordic Vikings on eighth century, they use me to make sail so I have the name now. With the development of the time, more and more people found my strengths, marching tents, parachute, oil painting canvas is I used to. Later, a group of yearning for freedom, full of adventure trip to make me into the world's first pair of jeans, so I just stepped into the garment industry, I also been endowed with new meaning "freedom, along with the gender".
Now I am very happy to cooperate with Xinxiang Yulong Textile Co., Ltd after  in-depth understanding for me,their technical staff magnified my original function through advanced production technology, and follow the user's demand they gave me a lot of new features. I am not a person any more, I have new people:
FR canvas, when the fire hit, he can slow down the combustion flame speed, when the fire leave, he can stop the smoldering at top speed, so as to win the escape time for user.
② Waterproof canvas: weight is lighter than I used to show the same function, softer feel, and better breathability, waterproof effect is several times than before.
③ UV canvas: As a tent essential function is the uv protection, this feature not only shelter but also help them withstand UV rays.
I am a canvas, we don’t have remarkable and garnish appearance, but our casual, low-profile character would give you different visual experience.
Come Xinxiang Yulong Textile Co., Ltd to find me.

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