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Three anti-finishing agent easy decontamination introduc

2015-03-19 16:08 | writer: admin

① basic traits 
Component: special fluorine-containing polymers; Appearance: white dispersion; PH value: 4.0-5.0; Ion: weak cation; Solubility: dispersed in water in any proportion, with a solution of 72 hours stability; compatibility : with cationic, nonionic products with the bath, but not touch silicone softener; Applications: cotton, polyester, nylon and blended fabrics apply. 
② action principle 
Three anti-dirt repellent finishing agent (HPC-6) in addition to the molecular structure of the perfluoroalkyl hydrophobic chain hydrophilic segments, as well as a hydroxyl group, a carboxyl group, a polyether group or the like, acting on the textile medium when exposed to air when its fluorine-containing segment oriented distributed on the fiber surface, the hydrophilic segment is at the fiber surface, exhibit waterproof and oil-repellency; but the fabric into the water after the hydrophilic segments distributed on the fiber surface, while the hydrophobic chains Distribution segment in the fiber surface, thereby improving the wettability performance out dirt and prevent further contamination of; after drying, the position of the two segments of the distribution of conversion over again. 

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