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Enact The Security System Norm to Prevent Fire Accidents

2016-04-26 08:16 | writer: admin

Enact The Security System Norm to Prevent Fire Accidents
Rain during springtime is as precious as oil, more wind and less rain and good sunlight are the feature of spring season, when we enjoy the spring wind and sunlight, some safety problems are followed--fire accident.
The person familiar with textile industry should know that there are a lot of yarn, greige and textile processed on the production line in our production plant and warehouse for a long time, these are easy fire materials. Due to the particularity of textile industry, our workers work in plant and warehouse have higher fire protective awareness than normal person, so in our working zone there is a unwritten rule---No smoking. But in order to ensure the personal safety of the staff, we still regularly do fire train in our production plant, This week we invited Mr. Lee in fire brigade train fire knowledge for us. 
Mr. Lee explained to us how to correct inspect and rectify fire risk and how to attack a fire in the beginning of fire, meanwhile introduce to us the right method and tips to use fire equipment that installed in our production plant. He also to help us to make and explain the most reasonable evacuation escape plan during the fire according to the structure of our workshop. This fire lesson lively and interesting, make us have greatly benefited in the relaxed happy atmosphere.
After the knowledge teaching, we also arranged the fire pacesetter do flame exercise on the grounds of the office area. The fire fighting training enhance the fire safety consciousness of our staffs, strengthening the fire safety system that exists in our workshop.

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