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Security Guards to Give You Intimate Protection

2016-04-28 08:19 | writer: admin

The advances in science and technology promote the development of industry, security has gradually become a hot business concern. For some special industry, a safe, secure and healthy work clothes is essential. So how to make our customers enjoy the security and health protection is the important question we need to considerate.
As we all know that for most people, every day, eight hours of working time. During the eight hours, the workwear is the longest time contact of our body. So is it the workwear fabric environmentally friendly? Is it harmful to our health? Most people probably do not know, here let us learn the harmfulness of the non-environmental fabric to our body. 
First of all, the fabric problem that most likely to occur is high levels of formaldehyde. When people wear textiles,it will release formaldehyde, the excessive formaldehyde can cause inflammation of the respiratory tract and skin inflammation, and eye irritation, damage to human body is the most direct.
The second is the PH value is exceeded. Human skin is weakly alkaline, so the fabrics is most conducive to human skin health when the PH value is slightly acidic or neutral. If the PH value is outside the standard range, it will destroy the balance of the skin surface, resulting in allergic inflammation triggered.
Finally is the fabric color fastness. With the intensification of human activities, our body regulate its temperature by sweating, it is inevitable physiological responses. If the fabrics’color fastness is very poor, then it will cause color loss, resulting in two kinds of fabric mutual contamination, which affects not only the appearance of clothing, also heavy metal ions and dyes are unconsciously absorbed by our skin thereby cause harm to humans.
The flame retardant fabrics, waterproof fabric, anti-static fabric, fluorescent fabric and a series of functional fabrics produced by Xinxiang Yulong Textile Co.,Ltd are very good to solve the above problems. Through our many years of fabric production and finishing summary of the technology, we developed a new production process, so that the fabric of the minimum content of free formaldehyde only 75ppm, PH value and color fastness of textile fabrics fully meet international the highest standards requirements. The customers from different countries prefer this kind of safe and health fabric.
We produce not only a product, we run a safe and intimate.

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