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Xinxiang Yulong Textile Organize the Staff to Checking Body Health

2016-05-03 08:29 | writer: admin

Xinxiang yulong textile co., LTD. Believe that employees are our greatest wealth, for our team members to build the stage of development, creating a healthier high-class working environment is one of the most important responsibility to our enterprise. So in April as per year, our enterprise will organize the staffs to our city directly under the hospital for health check, this year our health day was on April 25th.
Non self-examination team is not a good team, so we each department will be held every morning targeted morning session, we will come to the conclusion that found in the previous work and release new deployment of a day's work. When the morning session ended, we will gathered on the square outside our workshop, partial ordered by bus arranged by our enterprise to go to the hospital for a checking.
The physical examination project included routine tests, internal medicine, electrocardiogram (ecg), ultrasound, blood lipid, etc more than ten projects. In the whole health examination,  the hospital staff directly under the city, for us to check carefully and in time to give us each staff's health improvement Suggestions and opinions.
Our enterprise leadership at the end of the physical examination, talk to the director of the hospital doctors in detail, so as to deeply understand our members of the health of the body. And cooperate with hospital, set up a personal health records,  and urge us to have good seeing on our own health, set up the "positive, healthy, green" concept of life.
This move of our enterprise's that warm the heart of each one of us.

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