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Change with Seasons Preparatory Work for Storage Department

2016-06-01 08:52 | writer: admin

The coming of rainy season bring us to the Summer formally. We all known that Summer is the synonym of high temperature, stuffiness and changeable weather.  It is cloudless and intolerable in the morning, there would be a terrible storm in the afternoon, let people be taken by surprise. Encounter this kind of weather in the summer, the most troubling of all will be our storage department staff.
All our products are fabric, the weather is fluid in summer, the fabric would be easy to damp under the muggy environments for a long time, which makes the fabric mildew and turn yellow after the damp, in our Xinxiang Yulong Textile Co. Ltd, these kind of fabric will be removed as processing waste, however, it bring us incalculable direct damage. At the same the fabric is flammable, the high temperature in Summer will makes the  aged electric appliance self-ignition and cause terrible fires, it also can cause serious injury about safety workers, we do not want that.
The staff of storage department recently start to seasonal renovate the storage center. Reinforce the roof of the storehouse, make dampproof maintenance each corner in indoor, inspect the electrical wiring, check the fire risk, increase the fire fighting apparatus. These trivial maintenance projects are arranged orderly, each item completed, they will recorded, so that deposit in the company security files, reserved as security record.
Days of rain coursed no effect for us, all the work move smoothly, largely thanks for rich experience and careful work of our storage department staff.

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