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Flame retardant fabrics commonly used test methods 

2015-03-21 16:45 | writer: admin

Flame retardant fabrics
(1) limiting oxygen index (LOI) method 
Limiting oxygen index refers to the fabric in a combustion gaseous mixture of nitrogen and oxygen, the fabric can be maintained Candle minimum oxygen concentration required for combustion, the limiting oxygen index is larger, the better the flame retardant fabric, and vice versa resistance worse or no flame burning effect. Limiting oxygen index method has the advantages of high sensitivity, but its high on the test conditions and requirements of the operator, and the oxygen concentration of the test fabric in the actual use conditions quite different, so the limiting oxygen index method is very suitable for research The test means, not often used in the production process. 
(2) vertical combustion method 
Vertical combustion method is the use of a specific ignition source (flame height 40mm ± 2mm), 20mm away from the center of the bottom edge of the fabric fixed to the fabric in a vertical U-shaped clip in the combustion, combustion within the predetermined time, through the examination of burning the fabric state, continued burning time smoldering time, damage length and other indicators to test a method of fabric flame retardant properties. Our country and most countries retardant effect on textiles tested mostly vertical combustion, flame retardant clothing for testing textiles Japan, the United States, Britain and Germany for testing children's underwear, protective clothing, upholstery flame retardant properties . Vertical burning test at home and abroad is one of the most perfect flame retardancy test methods, most of the standard specification has played a guiding role in all walks of life, such as our GB896598 "fire-retardant protective clothing" GB175911996 "flame retardant woven fabrics ", GB5022295" architectural interior design for fire protection ", HB547096" civil aircraft cabin nonmetal materials burning performance requirements ", GB8410-87" car decoration materials, "Japan's JISD1201FMVSS302" car upholstery fabric ", TCL100869" aircraft upholstery fabric "US NFPA701" curtain flame retardant "and so on. 
(3) 45 ° bevel combustion 
Under specified conditions, the specimen diagonal was 45 °, the sample ignition time 1s, the sample with flame burning up time required for a certain distance from the burning intensity of the fabric as a method to assess, through continued burning and measured smoldering time, damage and destruction of the area to measure the length of the fabric flame retardant effect. 

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