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Flame Retardant Fabric for Summer Use

2016-06-08 08:08 | writer: admin

Time flies, it is the middle of May; the summer is coming very soon. Many of our customers have started to procure the flame retardant fabric and protective clothing for summer use. Today, I will introduce what kind of fabric is suitable for summer use.
As we all know that the summer is very hot, the people is inclined to choose the frivolous and simple garments, so the fabric of the garment should have good air permeability, moisture penetrability; The summer workwear is directly close to the human skin, so the fabric should be skin-friendly, that is good hand feel we often say. Last, in order to prevent damage from the strong ultraviolet radiation, the anti-uv function is preferably and also taken into account.
The following two fabrics are your preferred in summer:
1.Cotton flame retardant fabric: As the name suggests this fabric use the natural combed cotton yarn as raw material. The health index of this fabric is obvious to all due to it is the completely natural type. This kind of fabric is fluffy, with good air and water vapor permeability, and also has the unique elasticity of the natural fabric. Except the flame retardant function, we can also add the anti-uv function, water-oil repellent function and tear resistant function and so on.
2. Aramid:Aramid fiber itself has fire-retardant features,  so even if the retardant fabric with light weight and thinner texture also have good flame retardant property. The aramid fabric produced by Xinxiang Yulong Textile Co., ltd has the properties of good hand feel, heat-resistance, good strength and high wear resistance. We can also add the function of anti-uv, anti-static, anti-acid and alkali etc. per your requirements.
Our products can meet the highest standards of international requirements, Good quality fabric and best customer service provided by Xinxiang Yulong Textile Co., Ltd make our products winning good reputation in overseas market. Our aim is to "become your personal protection experts."

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