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Protecting the Environment is everyone’s duty

2016-06-15 09:27 | writer: admin

There was a turtle named ‘peanut’ swimming freely in the Missouri river in State of Missouri,USA.But one day,he was entangled in plastic loop which was  dropped by human.Peanut had grown up after so many years.But the plastic loop that entangled him shaped his body like a  cucurbit,made him disabled in action,increased the probability of being caught as well.Peanut died of viscera deformation and other reasons soon after being rescued.But the photo that he was entangled in the plastic loop had became the typical poster of  Initiative to protect the environment.According to the incomplete statistics,around 1500000 animals died of the white pollution.This horrifying amount reminds us again the serious ecological consequences and it is very urgent to protect the environment and construct the green ecological circle.
Xinxiang yulong textile co.,LTD insists on the green production and endeavors to the green manufacturing.We introduce the most advanced production and processing technology into our production link, we have professional staff for energy saving and environmental protection to  monitor each of our production steps.Being green and safe is the benchmark of our production.Most of our production are made by long-staple cotton.This natural,soft fabric has no skin irritation,and degrades in the nature after use.Yulong’s  technicians endue the fabric flame retardant,anti-static,water and oil proof and other functions on the premise that keep fabric’s original feature.
Protecting the environment is everyone’s duty,so the production from yulong textile is the best choice for you to support the ecology and protect the environment.

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