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New Problem in Summer—Shall We Shelter From UV Light, or Shall We Relax Under Sunshine?

2016-06-22 08:31 | writer: admin

We often saw some article regarding to “UV light is harmful to human body” and “UV light have advantage to human healthy” in healthy forum, in which they hold each sticks to his argument, and with contradiction. So in summer what exactly we should do? To shelter from UV light in case of getting any hurt, or go out under sunshine?
We both know UV light is divided into UVA/UVB/UVC, among which UVC can not arrive at earth, so what will hurt us are UVA and UVB. It’s unknown by a lot of people, UVB can compound to vitamin D which human body needed, lacking of vitamin D will cause tetany and heart disease, chondropathy such diseases. So suitable receiving UV light is really healthier with human body, but if receiving much more UV light, it will raise melanin tumour/ skin cancer such skin diseases. So how can we control UV lights exposure?
Xinxiang Yulong Textile Co.,Ltd. have special anti-UV light craft , which can effective shelter from UV light and have great absorption to UVA and UVB, this fabric’s UPF value is 50+, after 50 times washing, its fabric’s UPF value is still greater than 40. Good washing durable property and anti-UV property is adorable by foreigner customers.
Please don’t hesitate, come to make an order.

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