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Anti-mosquito Fabric Provides You a Peaceful Dragon Boat Festival

2016-07-06 08:37 | writer: admin

The Dragon Boat Festival is China's traditional festival.There is an old saying in China:People will not be peaceful when the 5 poisonous insects wake.The 5 poisonous insects are scorpion,snake,centipede, gecko,toad which are poisonous.It says that the hot weather breeds mosquito and bacteria after 5th of the fifth lunar month,and this day is the real beginning for the season of mosquito growth every year.So Chinese usually take a bath with CedarLeaves,Artemisia vulgaris,calamus,peach leaves and other herbs,and spray medicinal liquor to fall heat and do expelling parasite indoor on the Dragon Boat Festival.
Now we do not need to worry about mosquito like the ancients did anymore.Xinxiang Yulong Textile Co.,Ltd recently develops an anti-mosquito fabric to protect you from mosquito.Fabulous safety® anti-mosquito fabric is an environmental,ecological and new-type anti-mosquito fabric,our anti-mosquito fabric is made by cotton.Our anti-mosquito fabric can 100% protect you from mosquito sting and its rate of expelling parasite can be 99%  after Nano capsule technology processing.This fabric is nontoxic,peculiar smell,environmental and degradable,and the laundry-resistant can exceeds over 70times.
Fabulous safety® anti-mosquito fabric will protect you and provide you a peaceful Dragon Boat Festival.

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