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New Menu in Summer and Eat Healthier Everyday

2016-07-20 08:24 | writer: admin

 “Food is the paramount necessity of the people”, since ancient time, “eat” is the vital things for people, for now it will not be difficult thing for us to eat us fill, but how to eat more healthier which becomes the issue everyone concerns.
Come into summer the temperature is going up continuously, to ensure staff’s repast quality, to improve staff’s repast environment, our factory’s internal work department will change tableware in our eatery and ordered new table-ware disinfection, in case of disturbing workers’ normal meal, we invite one special person to make total disinfect clean for whole eatery, adopting this series positive safety measurement, was intended to make sure that our staffs have healthy and safety eating.
Our factory’s internal work supervisor Li have also released summer suitable menu earlier with refectory chef Cui bamboo shoots pork chop soup/sparrowgrass shredded pork/lily celery/mashed garlic spinach such fresh dish, besides it have matched with cucumber in sauce/seaweed salad and very cleaning fiavour red oil bean jelly. These cleaning fiavour and seasonal dishes have got a lot of favor with staffs.
Doing from small thing, and improve continuously, it should be taken seriously that we provide and create comfortable environment for our staff, we will try our best to letting every staff feeling real concern and care.

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