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Yulong's Forum-----Combining the Theory and Practice

2016-07-22 08:18 | writer: admin

Yulong's Forum-----Combining the Theory and Practice
Market competition in the rapidly changing, if we can not get rid of the bound of yesterday, we can not get resources available tomorrow. Only continuous learning can have the opportunity ahead of the competitors, can provide more good service to customers, this is the really reason that we have “Yulong Forum”.
This time, the main teacher of "Yu Long forum," is Mrs. Zhang who is part of our production. In order to let office sales staff can combine the theory with the practice very well , Mrs Zhang arrange this learning opportunity to the fabric production workshop for us.
From greige fabric was carried into the workshop, the fabric production stage through fine processing; and then before the finished product, many times inspection in order to ensure product quality. Mrs. Zhang explained to us in details for every aspect of production and specific operational procedures and also solve all the problems we raised detailedly.
As we all know that there is a gold medal law for sales "Effective communication will play a role of skillfully defected in the negotiations ", but the knowledge we learned from  "Yu Long Forum" allows us to establish an effective  communication with the customer more quickly, and make us more accurately understand the needs of customers, offering the products they need and to be truly understand that “make a deal is not the only purpose.”

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