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Unflappable Yulong People

2016-08-03 09:06 | writer: admin

A little knowledge we can popularize firstly:If 24 hours precipitation achieves to 250ml, it can be divided into the highest level of the rainstorm. The hot and humid air of the north of the typhoon happened to caught the cold air in Xinxiang, so a heavy rainfall appeared in Xinxiang from three o’clock in the morning on 9th of July.Six hours of precipitation had reached the 345.3ml, at the top level of the national prefecture in the year of 2016. As the reasult, the direct economic losses is high to 2,3071,000 yuan.
Facing with the raids of the super storm, we yulong people were not in a panic. Master Li on the duty of the workshop and Master Feng from the warehouse lead the right-hand staff to set equipped blocking flood control board around the workshop and warehouse through the rain. They organized the staff in the dormitory timely to screening the leaking point in the workshop. In order to prevent the fabric in the workshop affecting with damp, Master Li from the warehousing department noticed Wang from applying department to get to the workshop at the first time,raising up the shelves of the workshop and laying the dampproof mat on the shelves.After the whole night fighting,our workshop and warehouse wasn’t affected by the heavy rain. So far, the water in the plant has subsided,and our production is proceeded as usual.The delivery of the finished products has been arranged from the transport and warehouse department according to customer’s schedule in the contract.
We Xinxiang yulong textile co., Ltd could survive from the disaster safely,it is all benefited from daily disaster drills,fully preparation of the Logistics department,and our specific unflappable mettle.

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