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Your Safety, Our Responsibility

2016-08-10 08:15 | writer: admin

Wearing workwear have the advantage of increasing staffs’ cohesive force, and enhancing staffs’ sense of belonging to factory, and build a good factory’s order. It shows not only factory’s team spiritual, but cohesion factory’s standard and norms, workwear’s quality will influence workers’ safety during construction. So how to produce high quality / high standard workwear which is what we should considered.
From drawing the effect picture, selecting the fabric, making plate for first sampling, we have arrange inspector on every step, every step we will follow the highest standard in our field for inspection. To give our customers more choice, also to break through available product’s limitation, we gather all the outstanding staff in their field together, composes to our developing group, to analysis thoroughly according to each order. We devote to designing more suitable workwear, and let our customer using them more comfortable and more convenient. 
Your safety, our responsibility. Every product we provide is gathering our Yulong worker’s care and duty. So choose Yulong textile, and trust us, which is what you only need to do. 

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