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“Made in China”Helps the Rio Olympics

2016-08-17 08:13 | writer: admin

On 7Am 6th of August beijing time,the Rio 2016 Olympic Games opening ceremony officially began.We Xinxiang Textile organized a collective vie w on this event this day early in the morning.Hastily completed stadiums, terrible accommodation and poor security situation had become the focus of media attention before the Rio 2016 Olympic Games began.What this Rio Olympics will be?We Yulong people all watch this Sports Feast with doubt.
Everyone noticed the Olympic mascot and the Olympic torchbearer when fireworks of Rio Olympics ceremony became stronger amid the hot samba music.While little attention is that all peripheral products are made in China such as:the Olympic mascot,professional sports equipment,wearing,and glow stick.
With reliable quality and low prices ,”Made in China” gets more and more attention and sold around the globe.
Because of Yulong products’ low prices,reliable quality,customizability and attentive service,our products had been customers’ favorite all the time.We Yulong people improve ourselves constantly to become into “Made by China” from “Made in China”.We think what customers think ,do all the service for customer while meet customer needs constantly.We develop soft flame retardant knitted fabric for garment which based on flame retardant woven fabric.We change our flame retardant protective clothing’s style to make them more fashionable.
We yulong people believe that our company will get better and more reliability by our continuous progress.

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