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Best Selling Yulong Independently Designed Fire Retardant Waterproof Windproof Clothing

2016-08-24 08:52 | writer: admin

Yulong Independently Designed Fire Retardant Waterproof Windproof Clothing
As we all known that a fresh round of peak season start from September, considering the factors of production time, transportation time etc, many remote clients will place orders in August in advance, in order to ensure the production and not affect final use.
In early August, We Xinxiang Yulong received such an order, because the climate in client region belong to temperate marine climate, the characteristic of this climate are warm in winter and cool in summer, small year temperature difference, rain through all the year, and more in winter; fog weather in winter, high humidity, so when the client contacted us at the first time, we suggested the client choose suitable for their region fire retardant anti static cold protective clothing.
Except this clothing is independently designed by we Yulong Textile, the more reason is that this clothing is a special style in winter, the fabric of this product is fire retardant waterproof cold proof fabric, the filling is silk-like cotton, this kind of filing has good fluffiness, not only handiness but also can keep the cold air substances out. The cap of this clothing is detachable, divided into three parts, the middle part can be used as the wind proof collar of clothing, the left and right parts can be installed into the clothing chest to strengthen it’s warmth retention property, which formed the effect of one clothing double use.
Once published in July, this clothing received very good order feedback. When the regular client return to order, they indicate to purchase the same style clothing as last year.
After wined constant praise, our costume designers have much more confidence, we believe we can design more and more useful and fashionable products, and you will be moved by our product design details after purchase our products. Only by continuous efforts to get harvest we believe.

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