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A Warm Birthday Party, A Strong Feeling Among Yulong

2016-08-31 08:20 | writer: admin

A development of the enterprise is closely related to each employee: Employees contribute for the development and expansion of enterprises by hard work, and enterprises provide employee with a good development platform. Enterprises will develop only when each employee wholeheartedly work hard; Employees will be loyal to the enterprises only when enterprises approve each employee's contribution and pay them back. Being closely linked between enterprises and employees is the exact method how more and more excellent enterprises and employees forms.
Founded more than 10 years, each progress of Xinxiang Yulong Textile CO.,Ltd is closely linked to enterprises and employees can explore their potential better. We yulong people work conscientiously and help each other; Yulong values employees’ competence and care their daily lives. The typical example is regular birthday party for employees.
Yulong Textile will arrange a grand birthday party for employees to strengthen team cohesion and communicate warmly. We arranged a birthday party for 3 employees in August.3 birthday persons wore birthday hats, inserted birthday candles, made a wish, and cut the cake while others sang birthday song for them. We believed it was an impressive birthday party.
Employees and enterprises are inseparable as fish and water: water need fish and fish can’t live without water as well. Enterprises will develop when employees care it; Employees will progress when enterprises care them; The double-win between enterprises and employees will finally come from concerted effort.

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