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A Different Birthday Party

2016-09-07 08:22 | writer: admin

A Different Birthday Party
There is continuous rainy weather in Henan province in July. Especially the rainstorm hit Xinxiang in the beginning of this month,which leads to traffic jam in so many places.So many plants and warehouse are all influenced by precipitate rainstorm.What worse is that continuous rain keeps the whole Xinxiang area in a steamy weather,which is absolutely detriment for our textile industry.
The quite busy departments are storage and maintenance department.In order to keep storage safe and keep factory running normally,they lived in dormitory of factory and were on call in case that rainstorm influence affirmatory delivery time.Therefor,there were 5 master could not celebrate their birthday with family in storage and maintenance department.
In order to condition the nervous atmosphere and surprise the 5 master,we prepared a special birthday party in mess hall.Although there were no flowers and wine,we were surrounded by applause,blessing and laughter.Fellows seems quite became karaoke masters on temporary stage which was most swinging place that night.The cheerful atmosphere swept away former gloom.What  a harmonious and cheerful team that everyone love them very much.

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