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The Factory has Done Work Well for Fire Hidden Danger Investigation Work When The Season Changes

2016-09-14 08:35 | writer: admin

Xinxiang Yulong Textile factory
With the dropping temperature, dry and large temperature difference between day and night autumn is coming. In textile industry, we should take precautions against the damp for garment factory in warm and humid summer, but in dye season, we should do work well for fire hidden danger investigation work.
Xinxiang Yulong Textile plans to start a massive fire hidden danger investigation work in factory and garment factory. As for each link, from the greige fabric received to stock to the finished fabric warehousing, then to the garment warehouse, then make the garment to the boxing, each link should be checked carefully to make sure that this work is accomplished before the early Sept.
The leaders of fabric factory and garment factory have dispatched to the each link manager last week, at the start of this week, workers start their work, exactly the end and the early of a month is the fabric factory work will be hold for a while, the investigation work would be easier after the factory stopped work, after many times such as hidden danger investigation work when the season changes, all the workers knew the investigation work by heart, all the works had proceeded without a hitch.
With every change of the seasons, Yulong Textile will organize all the workers to go on such a potential safety hazard investigation work, that work seems not too important on the surface, it avoids the overshoot hidden trouble, also makes our factory no major safety accident in the latest years.
Only keep the product quality and factory safety in our mind, we can get the customer trust and no worry during the production.

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