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China Progress Pilots Development of Protection Product

2016-10-08 08:17 | writer: admin

China Progress Pilots Development of Protection Product
1st of October,2016 is the day when the People's Republic of China is founded of 67 years.After 67 years of development,our country has rapid progress in all aspects.After decades of development,our product category becomes more and more,its’ quality becomes better and better,its’ sales scope becomes bigger and bigger.Yulong Textile is growing up now.
Though functional protective fabric and garment has developed 20-30 years in China since 1980s,our developmental level is so close to the international technical level.As an industry leader,Yulong Textile has always been considering the development and promotion of functional textiles as the mission, making due contributions to society as the company's development goals.
After continuous development, the construction of the country are maturing, the relevant protective measures are also paid more attention.From the initial situation that there is no safety precautions for frontline workers to requirements that workers in related industries must wear protective clothing;from the situation that there is no relevant laws and regulations to gradual improvement of various types of protective textiles and clothing,our country has been improving security system for workers step by step.
As a manufacturer of functional fabrics and protective clothing, Yulong Textile constantly improve their products,quality, continuing to extend the product range and strive to achieve the best quality, most complete varieties, the highest performance protection.
Currently Yulong Textile main functional protection products include fire-retardant fabric / clothing, Kevlar fabric / clothing, anti-static fabric / clothing, fluorescent fabrics / garments, oil resistant and waterproof fabric / clothing, anti-acid fabrics / garments, UV fabric / clothing, anti-bacterial anti-mosquito fabric / clothing etc.

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