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Yulong Textile is Promoting our Country's Functional Fabric's Using

2016-10-14 08:20 | writer: admin

Yulong Textile is Promoting our Country's Functional Fabric's Using
On June of this year, “safety and healthy” production exhibition was hold up in Guangzhou by Chinese professional work wear association and in which published “135 Chinese functional fabric using trend”, it read our country’s application and promotion status for functional fabric. To the abroad market demand of functional fabric, it can see that it has urgent need to promote this field in our country. At present, our industrial enterprise’s business apparel is developing to multi need, to meet more needs as per different working position. Xinxiang Yulong produced functional fabric and workwear, mainly is FR fabric/ garment, aramid fabric/ garment, hi viz fabric/ garment, anti-acid & alkali fabric / apparel, and multi-functional fabric/ garment, meet each working position’s protective request when facing different risk, and thoroughly protect human body’s safety.
In recent years, through nation’s safety supervisor department/ industrial association ‘s calling, antistatic and flame retardant fabric’s using have been already acknowledged and accepted widely, except precise instrument/ food/ medicine such field, it should use antistatic fabric, besides, in oil/ chemical/ electric/ shipbuilding/car such field, it also needs antistatic/ flame retardant and three proof such protective clothing.
Xinxiang Yulong Textile Company from start until now always has “becoming world first class green safety protective expert, contribute to beautiful life for human body” as enterprise’s willing. From several years market trending analyzing, we can see more about functional fabric and work wear’s need in global, and China is gradually value the promotion to functional fabric, although at present we have some distance between abroad our popularization and application.
Xinxiang Yulong Textile company is always have “create profit for customer, build life success stage for staff, contribute to society” as ourselves task, at the meantime to research and develop products gradually, promote “functional fabric and garment” this concept, through enlarge self developing and product sale range, let more and more people aware/understand and using functional fabric and garment, so that it can better decrease risk to the lowest.
Xinxiang Yulong textile stand with nation and each department, make great efforts for promoting and applying our nation’s functional fabric!!!

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