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Xinxiang Yulong Textile held Autumn Fun Games

2016-11-04 08:20 | writer: admin

Xinxiang Yulong Textile held Autumn Fun Games
On October 18, Xinxiang yulong Textile held this year's Autumn Fun Games, as customary, we divided into five teams, the project includes push and pull, rope skipping, kicking shuttlecock and many other items. After a day of competition, and ultimately our company's youngest foreign trade department won the victory.
After learning the specific date of the game, our colleagues began to practice privately and want to be the first. The Foreign Trade Department can be the No. 1 is not by accident, in addition to the advantages of their young age, they practice actively in the off-hours and try their best to defeat other teams.
Yulong’s rules to employees are everyone need to keep practicing and maintain a good mental state, so that can have enough energy and be competent for all the daily work. In the daily rush work, everyone will feel the stress more or less, and exercise is a good way to decompression.
YuLong’s humanistic philosophy is: outstanding employees is the greatest wealth of the company, and only be healthy, energetic, can be ensured that their work is good enough.

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