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The Anti-Static Fabric Protect Your Safety in The Dry Season

2016-11-11 08:18 | writer: admin

anti-static coveralls from Yulong Textile
With the coming of September, autumn climate has become more prominent. Dry climate is the biggest feature of this season, and this is easy to produce static electricity. So must pay more attention on the electrostatic precautions than usual, particularly in the oil, petrochemical, power, shipbuilding, automobile and other industries need more prevention. The most closest thing to body is clothing, for the person who worked under the special working environment, must wear the anti-static workwear.
In domestic, usually anti-static overalls were used in the industries of microelectronics, optoelectronics, precision instruments, aerospace, food, medicine and so on, but with the improvement of safety awareness, more and more industries joined the ranks of wearing protective workwear.
The most important part of the anti-static workwear is the usage of the anti-static fabric. Xinxiang Yulong Textile co., ltd has ten years of experience in the production of anti-static fabric, using the way to embed the carbon fibers or metal fibers into the fabric and has durable anti-static function. Based on your different application, Yulong’s staff will recommend more appropriate fabrics for you. The much common type is cotton anti-static fabric, polycotton anti-static fabric and polyester anti-static fabric.The anti-static function will compound with FR function and to further protect the human security. 

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