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Shopping Carnival in Yulong Textile on 11.11

2016-11-18 08:09 | writer: admin

Shopping Carnival in Yulong Textile on 11.11
The super promotion organized by T-Mall on the 11th of November have been held vigorously for seven years.And its influence is growing, the number of people involved,and daily turnover is increasing year by year.Of course we Yulong colleague will not miss the carnival.From 0:00am to morning attendance time,this topic had been number one all the time.Our boss also took part in this carnival energetically and declared that we will have 2 hours for shopping in the morning.He joined us actively.
And this shopping together party is not the first time,we have enjoyed this special benefits for three years already.Every department's colleagues get together to merge order and take part in the company's shopping carnival.
We went back to the normal working condition after two hours of shopping time.Being relax in rest time and working seriously in duty time,it keeps us on the straight and narrow to manage our work and life legitimately.That is the reason make us to work well and obtain one after another exciting results.

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