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Safety is From Details

2016-11-25 08:31 | writer: admin

Safety is From Details
16th Aug.2016 on 16:15, Jiugang group Hongxing steel limited company Xigou have fire disaster, caused 9 persons trapped under well. Until 17th 4:06, these 9 person trapped under well are totally saved to ground, and confirmed death, onsite rescue ended. This accident caused 9 workers and 3 rescue personnel total 12 person death. According to research, Xigou miner is limestone mine, accident investigation and follow up work is started at present.
This time Gansu Jiugang group happened limestone mine disaster accident, caused staff completed death, continually remind us no loosing when facing accident. Under well it will happen several risk accident operationally, except daily working cautiously, we should also pay attention on necessary safety protective facility, such as helmet/ protective clothing such basic equipment. Under mine, workers wearing protective clothing is not only normal clothing, also functional protective clothing like flame retardant/ antistatic such function, so that it can have more possibility to return alive when facing risk accident.
Xinxiang Yulong Textile produced flame retardant fabric is mainly used for making flame retardant protective clothing, it also can added antistatic / anti- chemical liquid etc., make the fabric having multi-function, so that it can protect users safety thoroughly. Yulong produced clothing is strictly request from every fabric and accessories, make every detail to having protective property.
Regarding to under well humid and hot working environment, our Yulong Textile Company have light and thinner fabric and protective clothing, among them there is most regular product -- aramid fabric and aramid clothing, it is feeling soft and thinner, and aramid have permanent FR property, and the FR function is not decreased after washing.
Safe production must be started from source, cannot left any detail, Xinxiang Yulong Textile Company is innovative developing themselves, do our great power to provide the help to whom need safety protective working position, make more workers without worry safety when working.

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