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Factory do The Preparation for Low Temperature

2016-12-02 09:00 | writer: admin

Factory do The Preparation for Low Temperature
It is getting colder with every rainfall in the autumn.Continuous autumn rain cause continuous low temperature.Cold and wet weather is challenging our functional fabric and workwear again.
In the daily production, due to increased indoor and outdoor temperature, coupled with the production workshop itself will produce a lot of vapor,if the vapor does not go out and condense into drippage to fall down onto fabric from roof and flaw them.Therefor,our factory has taken a series of measures, and the workers of the production has repeatedly stressed the need to always prevent this problem.
In addition, our printing&dyeing factory and garment factory warehouse managers and workers in all aspects of production add tide prevent treatment on the fabric,finished products everyday.
Only do each step perfectly in all process,can we provide the best qualified production for customers.

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