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Remove Hidden Dangers and Celebrate New Year's day

2016-12-30 09:20 | writer: admin

dye factor sewage treatment system
When the end of this month, coincided with New Year's Day in 2017, our dye factory and clothing factory in these days focus on safety and health conditions of the factory and made a careful check.
Due to our factory at the end of each month will conduct a safety inspection, every quarter will also conduct a safety inspection work, so before New Year's Day the big check is especially meticulous, usually easy to overlook all the nooks and check more.
In winter, indoor fire protection measures must be inspected mainly, and outdoor the place with easy to overlook the special comprehensive scrutiny, especially dye factor sewage treatment system. Due to the sewage treatment system is in the open air outdoor, will be pay attention to when the temperature is below freezing in winter. Once appear icing phenomenon, we should do ice process immediately, and guarantee the normal work of the sewage treatment system can be.
Only in all aspects can do nip in the bud, we can process the production more relieved. Only if the first deal with all the concerns can we truly do celebrate New Year's Day, to safety work in 2017.

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