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Yulong Textile Attend the Enterprise Features Competition

2017-01-07 08:23 | writer: admin

Yulong Textile Attend the Enterprise Features Competition
This week, we have attended the enterprise features competition which held by Xinxiang Cross-border Electronic Commerce Association. This is the third period and the participants are 18 enterprises which evolved all industries of cross-border electronic commerce.
Xinxiang Yulong Textile Co., Ltd. is the first one to show our well prepared and perfect performance. Our performance won judge’s the high praise and general consent, also the judge gave us some pertinent suggestions. Our team won the No.3 at last.
After this competition, we went back to our company and held a emergent meeting to analyze our advantages and disadvantages in this competition. We should do more to improve our team.
We have learned our gap between other enterprise and also we now know our advantages from this competition. From this competition, we are more confident. We are making progress, and only continuous improvement can make us much more professional. We strive for serving our customer preferably. We believe that our regular customers knew our progress and new customers will see our profession. Only improving ourselves more can we win the trust of more clients.

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