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Environmental Protection Can Not Do Without The Enterprises Development

2017-01-20 08:34 | writer: admin

environmental protection
The hazy weather increased with winter approaching.Because of our country's escalating environment problem, the communities continue to make suggestions on environmental issues. In the production process of the traditional textile industry will directly pollute the  air and water, and many textile enterprises set aside the living environment to own their high profits. In recently years, the environmental protection departments across the country on the textile industry make requests on the environmental pollution issues, many companies are off production or stopping production.In the foreseeable future, the textile enterprises of low carbon green development is an inevitable trend.
Xinxiang Yulong Textile CO. Ltd identified the environment problem long before. During its continuous development, “to be a world-class green safety and environmental experts” always be taken as our company vision. With that objective in mind, in our quest for our company rapid development, we never forgot the green office, low-carbon life and environmental development.
Due to the fire retardant fabric is used for fire retardant safety clothing for person, so the varies toxic and hazardous substance contained in the fire retardant fabric should be controlled strictly. 
After continuous development, the formaldehyde content in flame retardant fabric produced by us can reach 50ppm below, and the permanent fire retardant fabric, aramid IIIA fire retardant fabric  is completely free of formaldehyde. Our flame retardant fabric can reach European Oeko-Tex 100 environmental standard, they are very popular consumer favorite in same FR products.
In recent years, our factory has established waste water treatment system, deal with the waste water and gas during production, reuse the recycled resource, which makes our factory can reach ISO1400 environmental management system certificate.
Xinxiang Yulong Textile Co. Ltd base itself, from the factory inside to the final product,all aspects have been strengthen the environmental protection strictly, offering great effort for the environment development and product security and fighting for sustainable development of society and ourselves.

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