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Yulong Textile Full of Energy After Holiday

2017-02-10 08:26 | writer: admin

Yulong Textile Full of Energy After Holiday
After seven days Spring Festival, all the employees of Xinxiang Yulong Textile Co., Ltd put into the new round of work quickly. Workers in workshop keep racing and finish the last round of compact orders within the required time and quality. Everything has went back to normal. 
Nowadays, the post-holiday syndrome is much popular, however, our employees and worker had already put into work and full of energy, So that all of the functional fabric and protective workwear mass production can be finished successfully.
The management idea of Yulong Textile is take products as the fist, take quality as guarantee. Only continue to develop and expand the existing products, the company can continue to develop; only continue to improve product quality, the company can continue to be solid; only the whole company from top to bottom as one, the company can continue strong.

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