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The Development Tendency of Multi-Functional Safety Clothing

2017-02-24 18:01 | writer: admin

multi-functional safety clothing
With people's increasing demand for garment, except the demands for the comfort, beauty,  more requirement a certain degree of protection. For example, the most common flame-retardant clothing, anti-static clothing, fluorescent suits, oil and water resistant clothing etc with a variety of functional protective clothing. But in recent years, the demand for multi-functional garments is increasing, such as fire retardant anti-static clothing, fluorescent waterproof clothing, fluorescent flame retardant clothing and other types.
The flame retardant function of flame retardant anti-static protective clothing can  effectively slow down the spread of the flame to give the wearer enough time to escape the scene and take off the burning protective clothing after the damage occurred, and anti-static function can prevent electrostatic aggregation well, thus prevent the occurrence of more dangerous. Flame retardant and anti-static function of these two functions superimposed, can effectively prevent and protect the human body's security, protect the wearer to a great level. Xinxiang Yulong Textile has many years of fire retardant and anti-static multifunctional fabric and garment production experience, the anti static garment produced by us adopted permanent anti-static fibers, after flame retardant treatment, the clothing has durability fire retardant function and anti-static function.
Fluorescent waterproof protective clothing, fluorescent flame retardant protective clothing and other types of multi-functional protective clothing also has an increasing market demand. And we Xinxiang Yulong Textile has been constantly breaking the bottleneck, constantly develop new composite functional fabrics and protective clothing to provide more comprehensive protection for more and more workers 

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