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Yulong's Innovative Ideas

2017-03-04 14:24 | writer: admin

protective clothing
On February 22, in Chengdu a 30-year-old guy whose name is Tian Bo come from Pengshan , he is the operator of a special snack-“a pc of noodle”, due to located in tourist attractions, competition is also very strong. Finally, they decided to cooperate with the music, improvisation to play a dance ,they never thought it will become so popular. It is worth for a lot of companies to learn Tian Bo’s courage to innovate and break the routine practice., he not only created a lot of tricks, but also attracted many diners, and make contribution to Pengshan’s tourism economy.
YuLong textile employees over the years also follow the idea of innovative,  the fabric and garment produced by yulong possess very good reputation. Our company not only harvested many new customers, consolidate the old customers, and establish a brand image in foreign countries also formed a very good reputation, overseas market feedback getting better and better. Xinxiang Yulong Textile Co., Ltd. has been through the fifteen years, focusing on the production of flame-retardant, fluorescent-oriented variety of functional fabrics and security clothing, and always take "Your safety" as the core of the company, take customers'demand in the first place.

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