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Fire Occurs Very Frequently in Spring,Yulong Textile Provides You Security

2017-03-17 14:05 | writer: admin

Yulong Textile Provides You Security
With the arrival of March, everything is recovering, and fire occurs very frequently in spring. Recent reports indicate that at least 31 people have been killed in a child's adoption center in Guatemala. The cause of the fire is a mattress with a child's burning.
In Europe and the United States and other developed countries, as early as the eighties in the last century had introduced a variety of standards on fire-retardant products, such as flame-retardant fabrics, fire-retardant protective clothing, fire-resistant mattresses and so on all kinds of daily related items, But because the flame retardant products relative to the price of ordinary products will be higher, resulting in a long period of time, these products with higher safety factor has not been widely promoted. Now, in many developed countries, has gradually began to widely use all kinds of flame retardant products, flame retardant fabrics and flame retardant protective clothing development speed is very representative. We Xinxiang Yu Long textile production of flame-retardant fabrics and fire-retardant protective clothing after years of global sales experience, product quality has been able to reach the EU's EN11611 / EN11612, the United States NFPA2112 and China's GB8965.1 and so on
If the fire is avoided when the measures are appropriate, but often due to various reasons, the number of annual fire accidents did not significantly decline. And when the fire has occurred, how to keep the body's own safety is the most important. People wearing clothing if you do not have flame retardant properties, it is very easy to cause the fire burn the skin. Flameproof protective clothing is the last barrier to the protection of human safety.
In many high-risk industries prone to fire, such as oil fields, petrochemicals, gas stations, fire and other industries, companies will require front-line staff wearing flame-retardant tooling to maximize the protection of human safety
Fire-retardant protective clothing from Xinxiang Yulong Textile is also used for the above industries, we are willing to contribute to the community of meager power.

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